Splunk managed cloud services: Why am I unable to send an alert using Search Processing Language?



We are using Splunk managed cloud services and I am trying to send an alert using Search Processing Language. Schedule alerts work fine, but when I am trying to send an alert using SPL it never works.

Here is my query :

| eval emailDistributionTO = if (Contact = "MACK","")
| eval emailDistributionCC = ""
| eval AlertName="Domain Controllers Missing "
| eval SeverityLevelMsg="[*INFO*]"
| table Domain_Controllers Status SeverityLevelMsg Location Contact AlertName emailDistributionTO emailDistributionCC
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

i don't see anything, in your spl, that would actually trigger an e-mail to be sent. Have you tried appending the "sendemail" command (with the required options)?

also, what would your use case be? i don't see how scheduling a search, with spl that sends and alert, would be any better than simply making a normal alert

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