Splunk alerts have disappeared

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Our system has a few Splunk alerts set up and about a week ago, they all disappeared. They are not shown in the list of alerts inside Splunk and they are not carrying out their assigned actions.

If I try to create a new alert, it does not show up. I'll fill out the fields, save it, not see any error but then when I look at the list of alerts, it's not there:

alt text

However, it I try to create another alert with the same title as the alert I've just created, I receive an error, "Unable to create saved search with name [name]. A saved search with that name already exists."

Where are my alerts and how can I re-enable them? I'm using Splunk Enterprise v7.1.2.

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In the filters, for "App:" select all apps and try. Right now it's trying to look for alerts created in app "Home".

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