Saving Alerts in a text file run like a Ticketing System



Is it possible to save all the alarms/alerts to a text file and show it to the dashboard as an open ticket, and there will be a button to click if the alarm/alerts is close and it will be remove to the dashboard? (just like a ticketing system)

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Not entirely using Splunk...

For each alert, you could specify a script to run, in addition to other actions that you wish to take.

In the script, write all of the script parameters plus a timestamp to a file, which you then use as an input to Splunk. You could either use the file as a lookup table or index it like a monitor input.

If you use the file as a lookup table, you could also update it with a status for the alert, such as "resolved". Of course, you would have to write a script or program to do this update.

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