SENS STG Splunk new alerts unable to send emails


We created new STG Splunk Alerts and enabled them starting July 27. The strange thing is that they cannot send emails to and MS teams email for any new alert that happens.




Since we migrated to a new system, we cloned our old STG Splunk Alerts and then updated the name and also the sourcetypes for the new STG Splunk Alerts. Everything else, schedule, email recipient, subject and email message are the same. We have deleted the old STG Splunk Alerts. Our last email from STG Splunk Alert was on July 28, which was from the old Splunk Alert.




We are wondering why it suddenly stopped sending emails. May I ask if you have any ideas? 


This is only an issue in STG Splunk. New alerts in PRD Splunk are not  working properly.




Our new alerts are here




This is for STG splunk with the following details:


User name: user_sens


Splunk host:


Group name: Ichiba Business Expansion Group


App team name: ibe


Service ID: 1013

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