Is it possible to stop alert for particular time window?

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Hi Team,

Is it possible to stop alert for particular time window.

Suppose I have a alert already created and running and I want to stop it on a coming Saturday from 1 PM to 4PM. is it possible whiteout doing it manual or not by using cron scheduler ? 

Please help. Thank you

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Hi @cbiraris,

to have an alert active all the week but not Saturday from 1 to 4 PM, you have two solutions:

  • to schedule two alerts:
    • one for Saturday with cron * 1-12,17-23 * * 6
    • one for the other days with cron * * * * 0-5
  • insert in your search a condition that avoid results in that period, in other words, add to your main search:
    • <your_search> NOT (date_hour>12 date_hour<17)



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