How to set up an index search alert based on a hourly record count that exceeds a certain threshold?

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Hi all, just wanted to ask the best practice approach for my requirement.

Currently I have a real-time search which populates a simple chart. It simply displays a count of error records from an error log table in our database grouped in hourly buckets.

I'm using a search like | bucket _time span=1h | stats count by _time |

Now I also need to create an alert which will send an email if an error count in an hourly grouping exceeds a fixed value, e.g. 50

My initial thought is to simply set up an hourly schedule to count the number of records directly from the Error log table and if the count exceeds 50 then trigger the alert, but I'm sure there is a better and more robust way of doing this. Would appreciate any suggestions.

Many thanks in advance!

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Here you go.

Run this search and save it as an Alert: ... | stats count

  • Alert Name: Errors_Alert
  • Alert Type: RealTime
  • Trigger condition : custom
  • custom condition: count>50
  • in 1 hour
  • .......


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