How to send email alert to different users based on search result and attach different results sets fot them?

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Alert search query goes like:
index=oraclecon2 source=OracleCon2 sourcetype=OracleCon2 earliest=-10m@m latest=now BranchIdentifier=* | sort _time | stats avg(EWS) as EwsNow by SensorId BranchIdentifier| appendcols [search index=oraclecon2 source=OracleCon2 sourcetype=OracleCon2 earliest=-20m@m latest=-10m@m BranchIdentifier=* | sort _time | stats avg(EWS) as EwsThen by SensorId BranchIdentifier ] | eval difference=(EwsNow-EwsThen) | eval SendAlert= case(difference < 0.5,"No",difference > 0.5,"Yes") | search SendAlert="Yes" | table BranchIdentifier SensorId EwsThen EwsNow | dedup SensorId
It provides me data as:
BranchIdentifier SensorId EwsThen EwsNow
1 1 6 7
1 2 7 8
2 7 8 9
4 11 2 4
Now I want to send this email to different branch manager of branches 1, 2 and 4 and want to attach only part of alert result that is related to their branch. I have many branches in the same index so I don't want to create separate alerts for each of them
I am new to splunk so not very well strong with search language, please help me with possible modifications that should do to this alert search to solve the problem


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here is some documentation on email alerts. You can send an alert email to different recipients based on search results by adding an eval statement in the search:

...|eval email=case(SendAlert="Yes" AND BranchIdentifier=1,""....)...

and in your To box on the alert, add $$

This Answers may be of help, though, also:

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