How to raise a Splunk alert notification for every event in a log?

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Our requirement is to raise a Splunk notification to EVERY EVENT. How to achieve this?

Elaborate explanation: Consider below two entries are two events - - [01/Jul/2009:12:05:27 -0700] "GET /
  trade/app?action=logout HTTP/1.1" 200 2953 - - [01/Jul/2009:12:04:30 -0700] "GET /
  trade/app?action=logout HTTP/1.1" 200 2953

I would like to raise a Splunk notification (in our case its ticket) for above two events (strictly speaking all the events).

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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You could schedule an alert searching for index=yourdata and configure your alert actions accordingly. That would alert whenever there's data in that index with no further filtering.

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