How to create email line break for an alert

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We have an alert that sends out a notification to a user via email when they have a vulnerability. The email contains the CVE and the action to resolve it. The issue is that it is putting that all on one line and not listing them. I have googled this problem and checked with Splunk knowledgebase and have not found a solution.



================= Example ====================
Hello xxxxxx

The following vulnerabilities were detected on your system.Please review the following details:

result.Vulnerability_CVE-2019-13449=Upgrade to Zoom version 4.4.53582.0519,result.Vulnerability_CVE-2019-13450=Upgrade to Zoom version 4.4.53932.0709

If you are unable to update your system please contact support.

To confirm validity of this email please feel free to contact xxxxxxxxx

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I had a list of user IDs in a multi-value field. I wanted to send that list of IDs in the body of an email message with each ID separated by a newline. I was able to achieve this in Splunk Cloud 8.1.2008 by appending a newline string ("\n") to each user ID in the multi-value field like this:


Then I just inserted the token $result.USERID$ in the body of the email. The newline characters are included in the search result, but they are converted to newlines in the body of the email.

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