How to create an "OK" alert - after an alert has been issued?


I have created this SPLUNK alert, which is logged as below:

Oct  4 19:03:46 psdkxs01 alert-splunk: MID=SxxI002E;DAT="xxxxxxxx timeout"

The alert is triggered when x number of MID=CxxI002W has been issued within the last 10 minutes.

Now I want to create an 'OK' alert on following conditions:

If MID=CxxI002W has not been issued for the last 10 minutes - AND MID=SxxI002E has been issued within the last 20 minutes - the OK alert has to be issued.

The logs for MID=CxxI002W looks like this:

Oct  4 19:06:01 psdkxp05 MID=CxxI002W;;STM=2011-10-04 19:06:01,475

How do I accomplish this?

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Maybe try something like (substitute in your own sourcetype) :

sourcetype=foo earliest=-10m@m MID=CxxI002W |  stats count as a | join  [search sourcetype=foo earliest=-20m@m MID=SxxI002E | stats count as b ] 

Then set the Alert condition to "if custom condition is met"

And set the "Custom condition search" to be :

search a = 0 AND b > 0


Thats a nice workaround, but in that case we have to configure 2 Search for each thing beeing monitored...

Splunk need some kind of ok condition to fire an "all ok" alert, and remove the entry in "alerts" this is missing

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cool...don't forget to "accept" the answer...helps out splunkbase.

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GREAT - thank you! I did try something similar with the earliest=-10m and earliest=-20 minutes - but got stuck with an error message. You have solved my problem.

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