How to create an alert scheduled in realtime and only triggered once per result?

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Hi team!

I have problems with my alerts in realtime. I have like 70 and most of them don't trigger when they should.

I try to do schedules in realtime (Run the alert every 5 min) to avoid realtime problems

But it still misses events...

If I set run crontab every 5 min in 1h window it sends me tons of mail with repeat alerts.

What can I do?

I need an alert in real time that doesn't miss events.

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Hi @christianubeda

When you run alert in real time, alerts are skipped/ do not get triggered because of the alerts in queue.
Suppose there's a huge traffic while splunk generates alert for current event, there may be several other alerts in queue since it is running for real time. this in turn leads splunk to not to generates alerts due to too many searches in pipeline (skipped searches).

My suggestions :
1. Run alert as scheduled search using cron schedule.
2. Pick a wider time range
3. You can use throttle to avoid duplicate alerts

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