How can we suppress a set of alerts?


Sometimes, especially over the weekends we need to suppress a large set of alerts. Is there a way to do it in bulk? meaning, to suppress a set of alerts and after some time to bring them back.

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If possible, organize them in a separate app (all the alerts that you want to disabled/enable). When the weekend comes, just disable the app, Enable the app on Monday.


Thank you @somesoni2 !

If they are already in separate apps, can we also have a savedsearches.conf at $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/local with the alerts stanzas with disabled = true. By activating this savedsearches.conf, we can disable all the alerts mentioned in this config file. Will it work?

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You can edit the savedsearches.conf or use the REST API to programmatically disable the alerts -

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