How can I use cron to schedule for quarterly reports at certain intervals?

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I want to schedule the report at following intervals

9/1 - 11/30
12/1 - 2/28(29) (this is an odd one because of leap years)
3/1 - 5/31
6/1 - 8/31

How can I do this using the cron schedule? Thanks in advance!


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Assuming you want your quarterly report to run as following:

Quarter range     ###   Date on which Report should be run
9/1 - 11/30       ###  12/01 
12/1 - 2/28(29)   ###  03/01
(this is an odd one because of leap years)
3/1 - 5/31        ###   06/01
6/1 - 8/31        ###   09/01

Try the cron schedule as this (running every quarter, as above schedule, at 3 AM in the morning

0 3 1 3,6,9,12 *

Your search's time range would be -3mon@mon to @mon.
See the corresponding scheduled data here:,6,9,12_* (click on next hyperlink to see more dates)

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Is it OK to run the report at midnight of the first day of the next quarter? That would translate to 0 0 1 */3 *.

Then you just need to define the timerange for your report correctly, I guess earliest=-3mon@mon latest=@mon should do the trick?

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