Email alerts to SMTP Relay

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We are trying to set up email alerts.

We cannot send directly to the internal exchange system.

How can I set up splunk to send the emails to a postfix SMTP relay ?

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Configure Mail Server Settings in Email settings page (Settings » Server settings » Email settings ).

You can configure same in alert_actions.conf and restart splunk.

mailserver = <host>[:<port>]
* You must have a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server available
  to send email. This is not included with Splunk.
* Specifies the SMTP mail server to use when sending emails.
* <host> can be either the hostname or the IP address.
* Optionally, specify the SMTP <port> that Splunk should connect to.
* When the "use_ssl" attribute (see below) is set to 1 (true), you
  must specify both <host> and <port>.
  (Example: "")
* Defaults to $LOCALHOST:25.

use_ssl    = [1|0]
* Whether to use SSL when communicating with the SMTP server.
* When set to 1 (true), you must also specify both the server name or
  IP address and the TCP port in the "mailserver" attribute.
* Defaults to 0 (false).

use_tls    = [1|0]
* Specify whether to use TLS (transport layer security) when
  communicating with the SMTP server (starttls)
* Defaults to 0 (false).

auth_username   = <string>
* The username to use when authenticating with the SMTP server. If this is
  not defined or is set to an empty string, no authentication is attempted.
  NOTE: your SMTP server might reject unauthenticated emails.
* Defaults to empty string.

auth_password   = <password>
* The password to use when authenticating with the SMTP server.
  Normally this value will be set when editing the email settings, however
  you can set a clear text password here and it will be encrypted on the
  next Splunk restart.
* Defaults to empty string.
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