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I wondered if anybody had created a dashboard which shows information about triggered events. Like stats that you would expect from a service desk.


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Splunk Employee

There are several ways to accomplish this.

First, there is an out of box Alerts console that may provide a solution or inspire a customization.

The fired alerts REST endpoint can provide information too. Example of querying that endpoint using Splunk search language:

| rest /services/alerts/fired_alerts splunk_server=local| table eai:acl.owner id title triggered_alert_count

Audit.log is another place from which you can derive information. Sample entry of fired alert:

03-04-2014 00:20:01.515 -0500 INFO  AuditLogger - Audit:[timestamp=03-04-2014 00:20:01.515, user=admin, action=alert_fired, ss_user="admin", ss_app="search", ss_name="test", sid="scheduler__admin__search__test_at_1393910400_4278", alert_actions="", severity=2, trigger_time=1393910401, expiration=1393996801, digest_mode=1, triggered_alerts=1][n/a]

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@bwooden the fired alerts REST endpoint works very well but how I can I restrict the time range? It doesn't respond to time range picker.

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