Curious--Looking for insight into better windows network perfmon metrics?? (Windows TA fields/calcs)

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Hey Splunkers

Novice question.
I work in a windows enviro. Anybody have a good metric for host network performance????? I was using (TA Windows) something along the lines of bytes_total/sec * 8 * 100 / bandwidth ...(essentially giving me bandwidth as a percentage) . Was also using bytes-in and bytes _out. However, none have proven to be very useful for indicating actual host network performance issues. Was thinking about using web pings to calculate latency???...anybody have any ideas?....Anybody have a query that indicates an increase in dropped packets or an increase in network errors that they have implemented and find useful. Any help is much appreciated.


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The Splunk TA for Windows app ( has a "perfmon://Network" input that may collect a useful metric for you.


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