Can you help me with my email alerts issue?

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I'm trying to configure some alerts by email, but I got the following error:

Sending the test email failed: command="sendemail", (550, '5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to send as this sender') while sending mail to: myemail 

The following search command works fine:

head 100 | top 2 host | sendemail to="myemail" server=myserver:25 from=emailalerts

Any suggest? Thanks

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Hi @alva_drian

I think your mail relay is rejecting the mail becuase the "from" address you are specifying is not allowed.

See here:

If you can't make that change on the relay, then follow the instructions here: to set the "send mail as" value to be the same as what you are running in your ad-hoc alert.

Hope this helps!

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