Alerts are working, but "No triggered alerts found." in triggered alerts activity screen

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My alerts are working as I intended. I get the email. The email contains the link to the results. Going to that link serves up the following error:

Error in 'SearchOperator:loadjob': Cannot find job_id 'rt_scheduler_a2FybGEucnVzc2VsbA__search__RMD5033f04f8e659bd94_at_1393513652_3103.1'.

When I go to Activity->Triggered Alerts, I'm told "No triggered alerts found. "

Any ideas?


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Same here , can somebody help me ?

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Where did you create your alert? Is it in the same app you are trying to view the triggered alert?

If not go to the app where you created the alert and move it to the app where you are viewing the triggered alerts or go to the alert management page of the app where you created the alert check their if the triggered alerts were there. Also check the permissions and sharing of the alert. Hope it helps.


Same app. As I said, I was following the link from the alert email. The upvotes on this must be from folks with a different issue.

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Even I am also facing the same problem. Can anyone help us out please.

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