Alert notifications being incorrectly suppressed


I have the following results returned by a search query:

_time                                                        Id1                          Id2
2021-10-13 08:20:22.219     ABC471_1       8456
2021-10-13 08:20:21.711     ABC471_8       8463
2021-10-13 08:20:16.112     ABC471_3       8458

However, I only receive an alert notification for the first result.

My alert configuration is set up as follows:

Alert type                     Scheduled
Time Range                Today
Cron Expression      */5****
Expires                           24 hours

Trigger Conditions
Number of Results              >0
Trigger                                         For each result
Throttle                                       Ticked
Suppress results
containing field value       Id2=$result.Id2$
Suppress triggering for   24 hours

Trigger Actions
Add to Triggered Alerts
Send email

I am expecting 3 emails to be generated for each of my search query results given that I am suppressing on Id2 which is different in each case.  However, I am just receiving the one alert as stated above.

Can anyone advise me what I am dong wrong in this case?


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Hi L1mLam,

Just use field name in this option and it will work


More information around alert suppression configuration attributes can be found here -

alert.suppress.fields = <comma-delimited-field-list>
* List of fields to use when suppressing per-result alerts. This field *must*
be specified if the digest mode is disabled and suppression is enabled.
* Default: empty string.



An upvote would be appreciated and Accept Solution if it helps!

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