Alert if no Up alert received within 5 minutes



I am currently using Splunk for SNMP Up/Down traps for interfaces.

We are currently alerting for each Up/Down alert that comes in via a log file and it's getting quite messy, as quite often an Up alert will come in as soon as the Down alert has triggered - creating many false-positives.

I'm looking for a method the would simulate the following:

If a linkDown event is received and a linkUp for the same device within 5 minutes = Do not alert
If a linkDown event is received and no linkUp event is received within 5 mintues = send alert.

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Search for both linkDown and linkUp events. If the most recent event is linkDown and it was at least 5 minutes ago, trigger an alert.

<search> | stats latest(_time) as _time, latest(status) as lastStatus by interface 
| where lastStatus=linkDown AND _time<relative_time(now(), "-5m")
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