After upgrade, emails are not being sent on triggered alerts.


After the upgrade of Splunk Enterprise to 8.2.4, several triggered alerts with tokens are no longer sending out emails.   

Looking at splunkd.log, there is a warning message concerning the alert

02-10-2022 10:02:28.244 -0600 WARN Pathname [15448 AlertNotifierWorker-0] - Pathname 'E:\Splunk\bin\Python3.exe E:\Splunk\etc\apps\search\bin\ "results_link= "ssname=Password Reset Reminder" "graceful=True" "trigger_time=1644508948" results_file="E:\Splunk\var\run\splunk\dispatch\scheduler__srunyonadm__search__RMD5c5f30383081059ef_at_1644508800_24883\results.csv.gz" "is_stream_malert=False"' larger than MAX_PATH, callers: call_sites=[0xd4d290, 0xd4f001, 0x15d1632, 0x15ce217, 0x1439f53, 0x13c8176, 0x71f406, 0x71ea9e, 0x71e899, 0x6eaeeb, 0x70c3c5]

I am concerned with the "larger thanMAX_PATH" message because Splunk doc states - 

"The Windows API has a path limitation of MAX_PATH which Microsoft defines as 260 characters including the drive letter, colon, backslash, 256-characters for the path, and a null terminating character. Windows cannot address a file path that is longer than this, and if Splunk software creates a file with a path length that is longer than MAX_PATH, it cannot retrieve the file later. There is no way to change this configuration."

What can be done to get this working again?


Scott Runyon

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I've heard this before and people say this is unnecessarily restricted path length on Windows.

Here is what Microsoft says about it. Search for some solution on the Windows side, I don't there is anything we can do on the Splunk side.

If possible switch to Linux is another option.

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